Ezzy Summers is a freshman who longs to be noticed. When she discovers that she has a what her friends' insist is superpower, she worries that she might suddenly be too different. Ezzy is a Seer, someone who can see into the souls of others While she is certain this skill is useless she still must decide whether to join the fight against the evil that is infecting her classmates, her community and her country. Sure that her ability isn't a superpower at all, and she doubts her ability to make a difference, especially in the life of a new friend who endures escalating harassment from students at their high school. 

Traci L. Jones

A Blossom Within

Amethyst Peters, otherwise known as Amey, has had enough.  Enough foster homes, enough harried and overworked social workers, enough adults in her life not listening to a word she says.  So a year and a half ago she stopped talking.  For months she hasn’t said a word, in silent protest, as well as a way to have a little control in her out of control life.  It’s pretty easy refusing to talk, especially since there are other ways of getting her point across.  Even if her latest technique was breaking someone’s little finger.  But rather than landing her in juvie, she finds herself in foster kid paradise.  Pikes Peak Rehabilitation Home. Nestled in the Rocky Mountains, PPRT, is heaven on earth.  Fresh food, fresh air, safety, and friends.  Well, friends would be possible if Amey could find it in herself to speak up.  Hobbled by her habitual silence, Amey has to find her voice again, if she is to make and keep friends, as well as protect a new girl who is in need of someone to speak up for her.

Ransoming the Captive

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July 7, 2022

Whose fault is it when someone young dies? Jazz Sanders is certain, dead certain, that her best friend's untimely death is her fault--after all she was the one driving the car. What happens when you are the one to survive? How do you learn how to live again? In my fourth novel, Dead Certain, Jazz Sanders struggles to find a path back to life and living, after a deadly car accident. No wands, magic spells, ghosts or dystopian authorities here. You'll find only raw emotion, overwhelming feelings of guilt, and a struggle back to normal life in my newest realistic fiction novel.